our Ericksonian learning community to honour and extend the legacy of Milton H Erickson

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  • Rob McNeilly

    “Dr. Rob McNeilly offers an online interactive learning experience that he himself directly facilitates. Having been taught directly by Dr. Milton H. Erickson, Dr. McNeilly gives insights to the therapeutic hypnotic experience that only those who have studied directly with Erickson can bring. As part of a community of learners and explorers, Therapists, Changeworkers, Educators and Healers from across the globe, can discover, share and learn together. I have found the recorded and printable material extremely valuable. Dr. McNeillys live interaction with his students priceless. The courses Dr. McNeilly offers will take your work, personally and professionally to the next level!”

    Eli Handler


  • Rob McNeilly

    “Despite the fact that in the past I studied Ericksonian hypnosis, I didn’t feel secure using it with my patients although the clinical benefits it has.  After I did the On line, Certificated of Learning Solutions, I feel more natural in my clinical practice and I have notice that my clinical effectiveness has increases and treatment time decreases.
    I like that each class is alive, we have time to practice and after the session is over, we have unlimited online access to repeat the class at our convenience, so we can learn on our own rhythm. We also build a community with our classmates.”

    Martha Escamilla

    Salamanca, Spain

  • Rob McNeilly

    “For many years I had preconceived ideas about what an on-line course would be like. I was not interested at all. I used to think it was not for me because I need to connect with the person I am learning with. I only participated in face-to-face courses.

    I completed the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Solutions in Hypnosis in Hobart with Rob and then the Diploma of Solutions in Counselling.

    Since then I have participated in several of Rob's online courses and love them. I am converted! I find the experience as beneficial as being in a physical room with others. The experience of the regular connection with Rob and the group helps grow my confidence and gives me wonderful support in my work and life.

    The connection with the other participants is as strong as being in a room with them and having people from all over Australia and the world is just so expansive and wonderful. We learn from each other and I get to meet and connect with people I would never have met living in Hobart.

    The learning that happens for me in the on-line groups is as good as any learning I experience in other courses and formats. I thoroughly recommend it.”


    Hobart, Australia

  • Rob McNeilly

    “I have attended face-to-face workshops with Dr Rob McNeilly in the past, and I recently became aware that he was offering an online course. Whilst I was initially skeptical, I have found the practice exercises and the training in general to be just as real and useful as face-to-face training and much more convenient. ”

    Mark Quinn

    Psychologist Canberra Australia

  • Rob McNeilly

    “Rob McNeilly offers an innovative and interactive on-line learning program. The weekly 2 hour 'real time' coaching calls bring together participants from all over the world in a supportive, shared space. We are able to work together as a group - with Rob focusing each week on a particular topic and then guiding us with a live demonstration. We then break up into smaller ‘breakout’ groups to practise with each other in a more private one-on-one environment. These ‘breakout' groups offer me a fantastic opportunity to practise - to play with techniques and build personal confidence without any judgement. The group then comes back together - after practise - to discuss and share their experience. Rob supports his teaching with a great deal of written information, stories, videos and audios. I look forward to our weekly 2 hour on-line program as it is always a very engaging and rich experience! Plus as each session is recorded I am able to watch them again and revisit specific topics when it suits me.”

    Therapist Melbourne Australia

  • Rob McNeilly

    “I found the experiential opportunities for learning and practicing Ericksonian hypnosis provided by Rob McNeilly to be very beneficial. During this on-line program I had the opportunity to engage with other students and practice hypnosis techniques in a convenient and comfortable environment without the need to travel.

    I have completed other courses on-line where the lack of opportunity to meet and engage with other students was an issue; this has been overcome by Dr McNeilly’s use of the conferencing program Zoom.”

    Judith Beaumont

    Behavioural Science (Psychology), Grad. Dip. Psychology Dip. Counselling (Arts Therapy), Dip. Professional Counselling

  • Rob McNeilly

    “In my humble estimation, having participated in many online classes, the "practical" side of your lessons makes them quite compelling. Though based on my limited experience, your classes are the only ones that offer that. True, many online classes have "coaching calls" but, personally, I've never found that particularly helpful (better than nothing, but not by much). Using Zoom as you do is amazing.”


    foreign lecturer, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

  • Rob McNeilly

    “The benefit that I have appreciated from the online course is to have a direct contact with you and to share the training with therapists scattered all over the world. This allows to take the universal dimension of hypnotherapy.
    Above all, the online technology allowed me to have access to your very exclusive experience and through your generous and warm teaching directly linked to Milton Erickson practice. Without this Internet technology, I would possibly have read your books, but would have missed a true interchange with you.
    The serial online sessions create a real relationship and allow the development of a community of people sharing the same goals of improvement of their therapeutic efficiency. This is of great.

    The most useful is to listen to you when you explain your way of practicing and to watch you while doing therapy with persons.
    One of the crucial issue that I have grasped from you is that we deal with persons and not with patients or even less with diagnoses. This attitude is not easy to acquire when all medical training and practice has been the reverse!! Precisely, the steps you suggest are very useful and allow to work with confidence.
    Duo live sessions are, without contest, one of the most important phases of the training. ”

    Marcel Chatel

    Therapist Paris France

  • Rob McNeilly

    “  Learning Ericksonian hypnosis with Rob Mcneilly is a wonderful opportunity. Rob uses zoom online learning to great effect. In the last group we had participants from Japan , Spain, USA Boston and Hawaii, New Zealand , Australia, and Greenland. We had a lecture from Rob and then broke into online dyads to practice and then met up to debrief  in classroom again. Really amazing way to learn . In most ways as good  or better then being there in person and better then any online course in hypnosis I have ever done.
         Rob trained with Dr. Erickson and is an excellent instructor. His approach is very easy , user friendly, deep and effective. After training with Rob,  I am amazed at how much I have learned  in this respectful , client centered approach . I expect every client to be able to find their resources to change and in one way or another they do , in beautiful and amazing , and often unusual ways. 

         As a physical therapist treating clients with chronic pain , this has completely transformed my approach, much for the better.”

    Jerry Barklay

    Pysical therapist Hawaii

  • Rob McNeilly

    ““As a sole practicing clinician, I am so happy to have a chance to work and talk with colleagues around the world.
    The practice sessions are invaluable and so helpful. Videos of each session is available for review and continued learning. Rob McNeilly is an wonderful and generous teacher of “Easy Hypnosis””

    Helene Pine

    PhD. MFT

  • Rob McNeilly

    “I found the on-line learning allowed me to work at my own pace, and provided the convenience and easy back tracking for better understanding.

    Rob delivers the content in easy to understand “chunks” and therefore easy integrating into one’s own practice is obtained.”

  • Rob McNeilly

    “For me the benefits of Rob's online learning are; the wonderful experience of connecting with other people from around the world and the pure convenience of accessing the meetings from where ever you happen to be.
    I learn a great deal from the interactional conversations, observing Rob's skilfull demonstrations and the practice with others within the group. I find the content of all the programs very easy to absorb and I'm always humoured by Rob's enlightened sense of being. The online learning program is constantly helping me evolve as a practitioner and as a human being.”

    Carolyn Gruppetta


  • Rob McNeilly

    “‘ Rob McNeilly studied with Milton H. Erickson M.D. ... is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners of Ericksonian methods in Australia. His teaching is clear, entertaining and edifying.’ ”


    Board of Directors, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Rob McNeilly

    ““Rob McNeilly worked with Milton Erickson, has been an invited presenter at International Ericksonian Congresses, and is a passionate and skilful teacher of the Solution Oriented Approach. I know him and his work, and value his personal and professional contributions." ”

  • Rob McNeilly

    “A highly skilled presenter whose unique perspectives and playful demeanour make for a  delightful learning experience.’ ”

  • Rob McNeilly

    “‘ .. Your clear and practical teaching of the solution oriented approach has enabled me to achieve more effective interventions with greater ease ..... the approach is applicable in many different contexts...’ ”