certificate of learning solutions in hypnosis

a 3 month Ericksonian intensive for Australia, Asia & USA

an introduction to this programme ...

We therapists are increasingly suffering from

  • overwhelming choices of therapy approaches
  • lacking confidence
  • being weighed down with the strain of having to pretend to be an expert and have all the answers while knowing we don't 
  • dealing with the frustration of feeling stuck with difficult and complex clients
  • boredom
  • burnout or settling for "doing time" until the weekend, holiday or retirement!

Traditionally learning about hypnosis requires memorising a script - "Look at that spot, relax your body, your eyes are getting sleepy, etc., etc., etc.

Milton Erickson revolutionised all this by inviting us to focus on

  • hypnosis as an extension of "the common everyday trance"
  • the individuality of each unique client
  • adapting our approach to the client, not require the client to adapt to our "wisdom"
  • the client as the expert, not the therapist
  • the client having the resources, not the therapist

This approach results in a huge relief as well as our effectiveness increasing markedly.

It's not surprising that there is a growing interest in hypnosis, and Ericksonian hypnosis in particular, since this approach emphasises looking with each individual person for what will be relevant for them to resolve their difficulty.

Instead of needing to memorising complex protocols, rigid scripts, standard techniques, we can have a simple, lively, creative, and mutually respectful conversation enabling each client to regain their own autonomy, their own self trust, and create their own solution.

This approach emphasises

  • creating, not mechanical techniques
  • evoking from within a client, not imposing something external
  • listening, not instructing
  • being a partner, not an expert
  • exploring, not treating
  • asking questions, not giving answers
  • creating solutions, not understanding problems
  • focusing on future possibilities, not past limitations
  • observing rather than explaining

From my time with Milton Erickson in the last few years of his life, I learnt the importance of 

  • honouring the uniqueness of each individual  
  • focusing on each client and their potential resourcefulness 
  • in mood of expectancy  
  • and exploring possibilities

In our increasingly busy lives, traveling to attend workshops with all the expenses involved can be a strain, and how often are we left with an admiration of the presenter, a ream of notes ... but not enough confidence in applying the content, however wonderful it may be.

The online environment is revolutionising this. After some initial wariness, it is emerging as a powerful, relevant, and cost effective medium for learning.

The background text, talks and video demonstrations can be explored in our own time, at our own rate, and repeated as often as is useful - something that physical workshops lack.

The recent addition of video calls where we can see each other, face to face, and even online breakout rooms where we can practice together allows for conversations, live demonstrations, and recurrent practice opportunities with people from all round the globe.

Trust, safety, respect, variety and lively, solid learning result.

The learning becomes confidently embodied as a natural self expression, without any need to memorise anything.

The certificate of learning hypnosis has emerged from my 40 years of using and teaching in Australia, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Ericksonian Conferences, and online.

Students report that this practical, easily incorporated approach dramatic enhances their therapy results, generates relief, a feeling of "coming home", enjoyment and satisfaction.

The 3 month experience includes text, audio and videos and is centred around 12 video conversations each of 2 hours [a total of 24 hours].

Each 2 hour video call will include 

  • an introduction to a topic 
  • a demonstration of how this might be applied
  • practice in small breakout groups with the option of asking for my help                
  • a discussion of the experience
  • all calls will be recorded for your future reference

Learning by recurrent practice is how we learnt to walk, write, ride a bicycle, drive a car ... any skill ... and skills learnt this way are naturally and effortlessly available to us. We don't need to think about how to walk, write our name, ride a bicycle, drive a car ... we can then focus on using these skills in the best possible way.

This programme honours this approach to learning.

Topics include

  • principles of solution hypnosis
  • creating a solution context
  • invitations into hypnosis
  • accessing resources
  • connecting clients with their resources
  • the language of hypnosis
  • supervision
  • personal development
  • other issues as they arise.

This programme will include recurrent opportunities to converse, reflect, discuss cases, observe a live demonstration on each call which can include personal therapy.

By participating and observing experiences as they happen in the video calls, the resulting learning will be immediate and solid.

The compact size of the group [limited to 10] and the experience of seeing each other will allow a safe and trusting community to be created where we can learn together in a mood of play, without fear of criticism. Confidence is just one more outcome.

In summary, you can expect to be solidly confident in

  • inviting anyone into hypnosis effectively
  • adapting your approach to each individual
  • accessng client resources
  • connecting clients with their resources
  • including relevant stories into your sessions
  • increasing your effectiveness even with previously "difficult" clients
  • greater personal satisfaction

You can also

  • repeat this programme free withour restrictions 
  • become part of a world wide community of likeminded therapists
  • have free access to monthly coaching calls

If you have not satisfied with your experience in the course, you can have a no-questions-asked full refund until 10th May, 2018.

It would be a pleasure to have your company as we play and learn together.

Let the learning continue ...


Dates and times for Australia, Asia & USA here.

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PS. When you register for this programme, you can repeat it any time in the future without restriction and without further payment.




US$1197, A$1497, NZ$1197, or 3 monthly payments.

  • “‘ Rob McNeilly studied with Milton H. Erickson M.D. ... is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners of Ericksonian methods in Australia. His teaching is clear, entertaining and edifying.’ ”

    Board of Directors, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona.

  • ““Rob McNeilly worked with Milton Erickson, has been an invited presenter at International Ericksonian Congresses, and is a passionate and skilful teacher of the Solution Oriented Approach. I know him and his work, and value his personal and professional contributions." ”

  • “A highly skilled presenter whose unique perspectives and playful demeanour make for a  delightful learning experience.’ ”

  • “‘ .. Your clear and practical teaching of the solution oriented approach has enabled me to achieve more effective interventions with greater ease ..... the approach is applicable in many different contexts...’ ”