learning hypnosis

a common everyday approach after Erickson

with Rob McNeilly

I had the rare privilege of learning from the late Milton Erickson MD, and have been teaching my version of what I learnt from him over the last 35 years in Australia, Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, South America and USA.

For more thant 40 years I continue to be astonished and delighted at the benefits of including the Ericksonian approach to hypnosis,  helping clients to move more respectfully and rapidly towards their own unique solutions. As therapists, we can have the double satisfaction of being part of their progression, and also having our practice expand as a result.

In this programme we will explore the common, everyday practicalities of including a solution approach to hypnosis as a powerfully elegant addition to any therapist's practice.

There will be opportunities to read, view demonstrations and slide presentations, listen to audios, reflect, make comments, and read comments from others.

Every component of this free programme can be viewed online or downloaded  as a permanent resource.

You can have the pleasure of playing with the components at your own pace, with total absence of pressure.

There will also be a monthly video conference call.

This multi modal, interactive structure will result in learning which will create genuine confidence so you can begin to include hypnosis in your practice immediately.


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  • Rob McNeilly

    “‘ Rob McNeilly studied with Milton H. Erickson M.D. ... is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners of Ericksonian methods in Australia. His teaching is clear, entertaining and edifying.’ 
    Erickson Foundation, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona.”

    Jeff Zeig
  • Rob McNeilly

    ““Rob McNeilly worked with Milton Erickson, has been an invited presenter at International Ericksonian Congresses, and is a passionate and skilful teacher of the Solution Oriented Approach. I know him and his work, and value his personal and professional contributions."     ”

  • Rob McNeilly

    “A highly skilled presenter whose unique perspectives and playful demeanour make for a  delightful learning experience.’ ”

  • Rob McNeilly

    “‘ .. Your clear and practical teaching of the solution oriented approach has enabled me to achieve more effective interventions with greater ease ..... the approach is applicable in many different contexts...’ ”