Easy Hypnosis - a free programme

a common everyday approach after Erickson

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2018 healing psychotherapy

becoming a healer

For more information, have a look here.

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an easy guide to easy hypnosis

Here is a simple summary of some easy steps to incorporate hypnosis into your practice.


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Doing Change pdf

Conversations for moving on


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connecting hypnosis after Erickson 1

The Fundamental Principles

Here are some details of simple and elegant ways of connecting individual clients with their resources using a respectful and invitational approach to hypnosis.

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connecting hypnosis after Erickson 2

Demonstrations of the Fundamentals

In this eBook there is a series of demonstrations illustrating the principles outlined in the first eBook.

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Connecting Hypnosis after Erickson 3

Demonstrations of the Experience of Hypnosis

In this eBook, the experiences in hypnosis are explored and demonstrated in ways that make them accessxible and relevant to individual clients in hypnosis

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Connecting Hypnosis after Erickson 4

Demonstrations of clinical applications

In this eBook, a variety of clinical applications are demonstrated.

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