2017 Easy Hypnosis

a common everyday approach after Erickson

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monthly video standard membership

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Just do good work

“what” and “how” for therapists after Erickson

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sleeping easy

after Erickson

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healing trauma

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getting unstuck

after Erickson

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2017 the matrix of Ericksonian hypnosis

16 weeks of learning through direct experience

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2017 towards effectiveness

through focused skill enhancement

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2017 Learning Solutions in Hypnosis

90 hour online face to face learning opportunity building on an Ericksonian Approach

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2017 creating effectiveness in therapy

learning into your growing edge

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connecting hypnosis after Erickson 1

The Fundamental Principles

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connecting hypnosis after Erickson 2

Demonstrations of the Fundamentals

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Connecting Hypnosis after Erickson 3

Demonstrations of the Experience of Hypnosis

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Connecting Hypnosis after Erickson 4

Demonstrations of clinical applications

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Healing with Words

my first little book - with Jenny Brown

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sleeping easy - an audio collection

getting to sleep, staying asleep, getting back to sleep, waking refreshesd

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