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I had recurrent requests from people in my teaching programmes for demonstrations with "actual people" - clients with real life problems.

As as response, I collected a series of sessions that I recorded over the years, and I'm sharing these in the sincere wish that you can learn something by watching them.

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connecting hypnosis after Erickson 1

The Fundamental Principles

USD 5.00

connecting hypnosis after Erickson 2

Demonstrations of the Fundamentals

USD 18.00

Connecting Hypnosis after Erickson 3

Demonstrations of the Experience of Hypnosis

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Connecting Hypnosis after Erickson 4

Demonstrations of clinical applications

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Healing with Words

my first little book - with Jenny Brown

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sleeping easy - an audio collection

getting to sleep, staying asleep, getting back to sleep, waking refreshesd

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